NPCL Annual Fatherhood Conference

Jun 2018

Since 1998, the International Fatherhood Conference, sponsored by the National Partnership for Community Leadership, has brought visibility and voice to the field of responsible fatherhood through the efforts of practitioners, researchers, and policy makers.

The 20th Annual International Fatherhood Conference continues in this tradition. The conference theme:

“Celebrating 20 Years of Promoting Responsible Fatherhood and Strengthening Families”, grows out of an emerging consensus regarding the importance of both fathers and mothers, married and unmarried, custodial and non-custodial to the healthy growth and development of children. A growing body research indicates that children fare better on a variety of well-being indicators when both parents are actively involved and engaged in their lives.

The 2018 International Fatherhood Conference will engage attendees in reflective yet forward-looking discussions and workshops on evidenced based and evidence-informed practices, and, policies and research findings that are leading to advances in the responsible fatherhood field.



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