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The ninth FRPN webinar presents new approaches to engaging low-income fathers to improve their parenting skills and/or relationships with their children. It features three fatherhood programs and their work to implement two-generation strategies.  


Year Three Funding 

FRPN grantees are studying innovative programs, interventions and research reviews related to coparenting, employment and economic security and/or father engagement and effective parenting for low-income fathers.


Our Focus

Responsible fatherhood: Programs or interventions to increase positive father engagement with children.

Economic security: Programs or interventions to increase fathers' ability to support themselves and their children and families economically.

Coparenting/healthy relationships: Programs or interventions to increase parenting time and support stable and positive coparental relationships and healthy relationships.



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This article documents the development and validation of a new 11-item coparenting measure.
The eighth FRPN webinar provides tips for achieving high response rates in fatherhood evaluations while also dealing with missing data.