FRPN Grantee Report: Enhancing Social Support for Low-Income Fathers

Nov 2017 | Paul Lanier
In 2014, Paul Lanier, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Department of Social Work, and the Wayne Action Group for Economic Solvency (WAGES) in Goldsboro, North Carolina, received funding from the FRPN to conduct a randomized controlled trial of Circle of Parents.
The intent of the study was to compare the effects of the Circle Parents peer support network on fathers of young children receiving Head Start/Early Start services to fathers waitlisted for those services. 102 fathers were recruited to participate. Using randomization, fathers assigned to a “treatment group” were strongly encouraged to attend Circle of Parents group and received regular invitations and notifications of group meetings and activities for about a year. Fathers in the control group received usual services and were on a waitlist to join the group at the end of the study.
The full study report can be downloaded below. Download the summary report here or the executive summary here
PDF icon Download (1.45 MB)



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